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CLORE Solar  068-003-000 Axle End Cap  1/2" CLORE 214-009-666 Diode Power (Fast Chgr) CLORE 239-008-100 Transistor Mounting Assy
CLORE 245-077-000 Fuselink SA10012. No Longer Available CLORE 245-149-000 LED Large Red. No Longer Available CLORE 246-273-666 TIMER MECHANICAL NO LONGER AVAILABLE
CLORE 246-299-000 ROCKER SWITCH CLORE 247-032-000 Voltmeter 20V. No Longer Available CLORE 247-170-666 Ammeter 100 Amp (fast chrgr)
CLORE 250-032-006 PUMP, 120 Vac FOR TT500/TT300 CLORE PART NUMBER 865-012-180 HAS BEEN REPLACED BY 865-025-666 CLORE 865-020-666 Polarity Protection PCB Assy
CLORE 865-856-666 PCB Assy CLORE 541-249-000 TANK PLUG SMALL (AF3400/AF3250) CLORE 541-052-000 BUSHING  STRAIN RELIEF #33-1 B
CLORE 077-001-000 Rivet Oval (B Clamp) CLORE 093-029-000 Washer Nylon Brass 1.855x.312 CLORE 093-030-000 Washer Nylon Shoulder Brass
CLORE 312-353-000 Nylon Spacer OD-3/8, ID-.194, CLORE 413-003-000 Axle Nut Nylok .375x16 CLORE 056-111-000 RUBBER FOOT
CLORE 077-002-000 Rivot Alum Clamp CLORE 413-121-000 Axle Nut Nylok .5x13 CLORE 079-396-000 Connector Pin Female
CLORE 079-397-666 Connector Male CLORE 079-398-666 Connector Female for J-4 Lead CLORE 079-399-000 Connector Pin Male
CLORE 541-006-000 Strain Relief CLORE 541-007-000 Strain Relief CLORE 541-716-000 Strain Relief