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Goodall 71-510S Voltmeter 0-36VDC Goodall 71-877 Engine Switch (for Kohler 18-20HP Command) Goodall 77-181S1 Solenoid. Replaced by 860-224
Goodall 77-321S Resistor Assembly, 25 ohm 25 watt. Replaced by 890-321 Goodall 71-520S Ammeter w/ Color Indication 890-635S Goodall Regulator w/ Reverse Protection,70-635,850-597
Goodall 70-628 V Belt, 4L230R Goodall 70-408 V Belt, 4L340R Goodall 890-237 Choke Cable Assembly, same as 71-237 (for 900 series)
890-321 Vanair Resistor Assembly, 25 ohm 25 watt Goodall 71-957 Engine Oil Pressure Gauge, 0-100 psi Goodall 71-958 Air Pressure Gauge, 0-200 psi
830-520 Vanair Ammeter w/ Color Indication 79-405 Goodall Brush Set Goodall 77-324 Energize Resistor and Diode
79-405 Goodall Brush Set
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Goodall 71-942S Throttle Cable Assembly (for 900 series) 830-183 Vanair/Goodall Voltmeter 0-36vdc Goodall 71-900 Compressor Switch, cycling
CO269713 Goodall Engine Switch (for Kohler 18-20HP Command) Goodall 71-955S AC Meter, 0-150 VAC Goodall 71-956 Hour Meter Gauge
Goodall 890-860 Air Compressor Fan (for 900 series) 850-597 Goodall Regulator w/ Reverse Protection Goodall 690-001 Clutch and Harness Assembly
70-436S Goodall Cable/Clamp Assembly, 30 ft. duplex, 1/0 ga. Goodall 79-510S Generator Dual Ball Bearing Isolated Ground. Free Shipping Goodall 79-500S Generator Dual Ball Bearing Case Ground.
Goodall 77-761 A.C. Alternator, 2000 watt