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Desa 097702-01  Fuel Cap 2 1/8 Inches. No Longer Available Desa 101901-04 Ignition Transformer. Replaced by 102482-01 Desa 102482-04 Ignition Transformer. Replaced by 102482-01
Desa M12462-17 Motor Start Relay Kit. REPLACED  BY 107850-01 M12462-6 Has Been Replaced by 107850-01 Desa M26316 Nozzle (No Longer Available)
Desa M29681 Nozzle. No Longer Avaliable Desa M50876-01 Fuel Filter Bushing Assembly. No Longer Available Desa/Reddy M16656-19 Photocell. No Longer Available
Desa M51027-06  Fuel Cap 1 7/8. No Longer Available ​PP200/HA1000 Hot Surface Ignitor "HSI" Desa  M29652-07 Rubber Tubing. Sold By The Foot
Desa  M51345-06 6 1/2 Inches Rubber Tubing Desa M51345-09 10 Inch Rubber Tubing Desa M51345-04 Rubber Tubing
M81345-03 Rubber Air Line Desa M51151-02 6 Inch Fuel Line Tube PP213/HA3014  Filter Kit
PP213/HA3014 Filter Kit
Our Price: $4.00
Desa PP212 Spark Plug Desa PP 217 Pump Adjustment Kit Desa M50050 Ignition Boot
Desa PP212 Spark Plug
Our Price: $5.00
Desa M50050 Ignition Boot
Our Price: $5.25

Desa  M51150-01 In Line Filter Desa 104054-01 Nozzle Adapter Desa 104056-01 Nozzle Adapter
M50814-03 Rubber Air Line 21 Inches Desa M29609 Round Plastic Air Filter Cover Free Shipping Desa 079980-01,M29805 Nozzle Adapter
Desa M51105-01 Fan Guard Desa M16545 Pump End Cover Desa M51102-01 Filter
Desa M51102-01 Filter
Our Price: $9.60