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Good-All Model 14-506 Heavy Booster Cables Clamps 500 amp,6 Pairs Good-All Model 14-800 Booster Cable Clamps 800 Amp Good-All Model 14-900 Booster Cable Clamps 1200 Amp (1 Pair)
281370 Goodall Booster Cable Clamps 1000 Amp (Continuous) Good-All 32-050 Antizap Permanent Mount 12 Volt Only. Replaced By 32-030RT Replaced By 830-520
Goodall  70-620S Switch Assembly. No Longer Available. Replaced by 880-308 Goodall  76-401 High Volume Pump (for 53-503). No Longer Available
Goodall  76-405 Remote Button Assembly. No Longer Available Goodall  76-415 Fuel Filter. No Longer Available Goodall  77-190S Starter Button. Replaced By 810-190
Goodall  77-889 Fuel Filter Bowl, Glass. No Longer Available Goodall  80-755S Gauge, Fuel and Float. No Longer Available F1214 Pump Rebuild kit(525p,526,533)
Good-All Model 14-850 Booster Cable Clamps 1000 Amp Goodall 70-483S Switch Assembly, 12 volt Boosting (for 70-600 regulators) Goodall 70-600-K Voltage Control
Goodall 71-506S Voltmeter 0-18vdc Goodall 71-510S Voltmeter 0-36VDC Goodall 71-535 Diode Plate Assembly. No Longer Available.
Goodall 71-877 Engine Switch (for Kohler 18-20HP Command) Goodall 71-955S AC Meter, 0-150 VAC Goodall 77-181S1 Solenoid. Replaced by 860-224
Goodall 77-321S Resistor Assembly, 25 ohm 25 watt. Replaced by 890-321 79-405 Goodall Brush Set Goodall 890-079S Switch Assembly, 12 volt Boosting switch (for 890-635 regulator, All 600 series,708, and 802)
Goodall  70-438S Cable/Clamp Assembly, 50 ft. duplex, 2 ga. Goodall  70-481S Switch Assembly, 3 position - on/off/energize, unrelgulated, 6 terminals Goodall  70-613S Switch Assembly, 3 position - regulated voltage/off/full voltage